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The Most Important Organic Foods to Buy

When organic food first came out everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon but for some reason certain foods were ignored. In this article we will be looking at the most important organic foods to buy when out shopping.

Have You Heard of Happier Hens?

I have to admit that it took me a good several years to get my head around this idea of happy hens and their produce!

The Most Important Organic Foods to Buy - eggsNumbers suggest that over 85% of eggs sold in commercial supermarkets are in fact from hens that live their lives out in cramped cages. It’s not just cruel it is extremely bad for our health to!

These hens are given special feed to eat that is basically jam-packed with all sorts of antibiotics.

Organic hens are so much better off – they are allowed to roam free and act as hens would. They are fed only organic feed and therefore produce nutritionally superior eggs. So, note to self – one of the most important organic foods to buy when shopping are eggs!

Meat Choices

Apparently organic beef sales have risen by 50% since 2010. You hear so many nightmare stories these days about what they actually do to more commercial meat it’s hard to know which way to turn!

By sticking to organic meat you don’t have to tackle the possibility of your meat being thumped full of food dye or ammonia gas.


This was a really big surprise to me – strawberries? seriously? I’m afraid that certain offerings of strawberries can have up to 13 pesticides in them!

Apparently it is really hard to wash the pesticides off strawberries due to the little bumps they have on their skin. No matter how hard you wash them some of the pesticide will remain around each bump!

As a side note it’s probably best to skip the more conventional forms of peach on offer as well – many different pesticides remain on this fruit and they are consumed with the skin on!

Sweet Bell Peppers

One of my favorite salad ingredients are also one of the most dangerous when it comes to pesticides. They have a high level of pesticide residue and they also have a large surface area – not a good combination!


I had an argument with a friend of mine recently on the subject of popcorn. It was more to do with the weight loss/diet side of things but we both discovered another shadowy side to packaged popcorn during our ‘discussion’.The Most Important Organic Foods to Buy - popcorn

We know of popcorn being a decent whole grain and fiber rich food but we don’t realize the type of corn it actually comes from. Unfortunately a large majority of this corn is genetically engineered and contains a bacteria, called bacillus thuringensis, that’s also an insecticide.

But that’s not all folks – popcorn is one of the most important organic foods to buy due to it’s casing/packaging. Apparently these microwave bags contain chemicals that are really not to clever for your overall health ( in some cases promoting lung disease as well as Alzheimer’s disease! ).

Beware of Your Toast!

Bread is one of the most important organic foods to buy due to a ingredient called Malathion. Now don’t freak out but Malathion is also used in shampoos to kill off lice and pet fleas.

I have to admit I was a little disgusted to realize I was consuming this Malathion within my toast most mornings! It’s a very typical insecticide but there are worries that malathion may be associated with cancer.

What do You Put on YOUR Burger?

Tomatoes are a big problem when it comes to run of the mill pesticides. In America and the UK Ketchup is big, big business – but the majority of it is made out of processed forms of tomatoes.

There are now a lot of organic versions of tomato ketchup available but they are usually a little more pricey than normal. They are very nutritious though and are packed with antioxidants so the price does come with benefits!

Do you have any views on the most important organic foods to buy?

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