Shedding Fat off Stomach

Shedding Fat off StomachI seem to have been shedding fat off stomach areas since I was eighteen years old! I don’t know what it is about that area but it always comes back to haunt me. I’ve had brilliant results in my time and I’ve achieved the six pack look I was striving for – but as soon as I relax the stomach comes back!

Spot Training – No Thanks!

There are a substantial amount of programs out there offering techniques in shedding fat off stomach areas and shaping up these areas – but spot training is rarely effective!

It’s a mix of healthy diet and exercise along with the knowledge of how your body works – I’ll take that over spot training any day of the week!

Try Targeting The Fat Cells

Shedding Fat off Stomach areas like this old manFor some reason the fat cells around your stomach area tend to be very intelligent. Somehow they know when you introduce exercise into your life and they take notice!

Abdominal fat cells have different quantities of metabolic enzymes than other parts of the body, causing them to be more responsive to exercise. A simple diet will reduce your belly area but a diet combined with exercise will shed up to 50% more stomach weight!

Huff And Puff

If you are able to take part in as little as 30 minutes moderate-intensity aerobic exercise you will see success with shedding fat off stomach areas. Basically you have to huff and puff and you have to sweat – a gentle walk will not do!

You don’t have to be a world class sprinter here – you can sweat by a number of simple enough techniques. A brisk walk for half an hour will cause you to sweat and get your heart racing.

Why Does Your Stomach Have More Staying Power Than You?

So those are a few pretty cool ways to go about shedding fat off stomach areas! The problem is that people often pick or choose one of the methods listed above then let the whole side down by using their initiative!!!!

I’m not trying to be sarcastic here or hurtful – it’s just that people get things very wrong and wonder why their belly remains ‘in their face’.

I’ll Skip a Few Meals Yeah?

watch your meals when Shedding Fat off StomachNO you won’t! This is a pathetic dieting tactic that always backfires and you end up in the same place as you started.

You starve yourself through the daylight hours then get home and look forward to a nice substantial meal. The problem is it will be to substantial!

You will be at the point that you are so hungry you have no other option than to overeat and stuff yourself silly. Do you think your stomach will thank you for this? No, neither do I!

OK Then I’ll Turn Vegetarian?

God help me! NO NO NO! A lot of women in particular seem to opt for a meat and fish free vegetarian diet when trying to lose weight.

They automatically think that meats and fish contain high amounts of fat and will work against their diet!

You have to remember that meats and fish contain really high levels of protein as well as fats so they will boost your metabolism and help you feel fuller.

If you are looking into shedding fat off stomach areas then please include a bit of lean meat or fish in your diet plan – you will reap the benefits!

So I’ll Just Stick to LITE Products Then?

Nope, you could be going down a slippery path here! These lite products have no sugar – that’s the true part! But unfortunately these products contain high levels of sweeteners which are not at all what they seem!

Some nutritionists believe these sweeteners may trigger your metabolism to increase fat storage overall!

Common Sense

It’s all down to common sense really and how you perceive your diet. Shedding fat off stomach areas should be easy enough if you stick to realistic guidelines!

For example alcohol – we all like a drink yeah? ( well most of us do anyway! ). There’s no point in dieting all week and then hitting the Carlsberg on the weekend. To have any chance of these empty Carlsberg calories not hitting your stomach you are going to have to break out the cardio as well as diet!

Another example is bread – people looking at shedding fat off stomach areas always seem to completely avoid bread……why? White bread sure – it’s the devil! But wholemeal or wholegrain bread – very important and substantial to have in a diet!

If you have any ideas that will help when shedding fat off stomach areas then please join in with this article and leave them in the comment section below :)

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