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Save Money Food Shopping

There is so much variety on our grocery store shelves these days it’s easy to get carried away. With many chains offering their own ‘finest’ ranges it’s no wonder we get tempted and end up spending more than we envisaged.

This article will cover a few ways to save money food shopping and how to eat well on a budget. We have also included a recommended video on how to eat healthy on a budget lower down the page…..

Why Choose?

Save Money Food Shopping - Avoid Fast FoodI don’t really understand the input of fast food in our lives anyway! If I’m looking to save money food shopping I rarely go down the avenue of a fatty treat for one reason and one reason only – the cost!

If you go out and grab yourself a KFC or Burger King ( or something similar ) you are usually spending about £5 ( $8 ). This to me is pretty high especially if you are on a budget!

My partner comes from an Eastern European country and it’s probably not considered one of the richest. Fast food is hardly ever touched there and their healthy eating habits are VERY impressive.

How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget – Video Tutorial

As promised we offer this informational video that was recommended to us by a frequent visitor. The girl who creates these videos ( Joanna ) has a lot of followers online and her tutorials have been proven to be very effective.

Anyway watch the video and make your own mind up – there are plenty of hints and tips for you to pick and choose from:

Plan Ahead

The first step I usually take when I’m looking to save money food shopping is to plan well ahead. You have to consider what you are going to eat for each meal and then build your grocery list.

Another effective idea is to concentrate on some really versatile ingredients so you can ‘mix it up’ a little as you go through the week – if you’re bored then knock up a cheap old recipe!


Save Money - Check Your ReceiptThis is a pretty awesome yet time consuming way to save money food shopping – keep a record. Receipts have more than one use and are a great source of information on your shopping.

Simply sit down and try and find out where you went wrong with your last shop – read through the receipts and figure out the danger purchases. You may also want to check what foods you ended up ditching in the bin – eradicate them from your list this time around.

Cook For An Army

Yeah don’t take this to literally – cook in bulk for family purposes! I find this is a very effective way to save money food shopping.

By cooking one time and eating for multiple days, you save time and money. I often find that more waste is created when I cook single meals – large amounts of cooked food will result in great leftovers which can be stored in the fridge/freezer.

Green Fingers?

My cousin recently bought one of those allotments within her city. You know the ones – old men usually hide from their wives there!

She’s only forty but herself and her husband have no kids – so a lot of spare time on her hands! She knew I was looking into ways to save money food shopping and she insisted I included this method.

In fairness it is an excellent way to save money food shopping because you are cutting your bill in half by growing your own. Now I know this is not for everyone – I personally HATE gardening and I could not see myself out there digging away day after day ( in the rain knowing my luck! ).

If you are unable to do this on a large scale then why not simply try out a little herb garden on your windowsill. The herbs are free way of spicing up meals when you get tired of the same old meats and veg!

Are you able to save money food shopping? What are the techniques you use to tighten that belt? If you have any further methods or opinions we would love to hear from you. Simply leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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