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Make Healthy Alfredo Sauce

We’ve had a huge influx of people wanting to know how to make healthy Alfredo sauce that is diet friendly. Now Before we start – I am not the best cook on this site! We have a lot of contributors to this site and thankfully they are a lot more effective in the kitchen Make Healthy Alfredo Saucearea than me :)

So I was able to tackle this article with the confidence needed……through their advice and backing of course! We have also included a video further down the page which has come highly recommended.

It will lead you through the steps to make healthy Alfredo sauce and I am told it has an excellent end flavor…..

So What is Alfredo Sauce?

So before we look at what it takes to make healthy Alfredo sauce I thought we better do a little ground work on the sauce itself.

If you’ve ever sat down in an Italian restaurant with a group of friends I guarantee that at least 50% of them have ended up with some form of Alfredo sauce on their plate!

It’s the creamy sauce you often see paired up with pasta or some Italian chicken dishes – it tastes lovely but what does it do to your waistline?

Well if you’re here looking into ways to make healthy Alfredo sauce then you probably know the answer already. Take this into account – Alfredo sauce contains:

  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Parmesan cheese

There are other herbs and spices included for seasoning and taste but the three above are our danger foods – you don’t really need them in a diet! ​

Due to the high fat nature of the ingredients, Alfredo sauce is high in calories and contains a lot of fat. It is not the type of sauce you want to be consuming if you are worried about your weight!

So check out this video and we will carry on the conversation below after you’ve got through it!

If that video has not inspired you enough to make healthy Alfredo sauce for yourself then there is a simpler solution….

Not all Italian sauces are designed to pile on the pounds! Marinara has a lovely fresh taste to it and is very easy to get used to. It is full of lots of tomatoes and is a low calorie option.

If you have any tips on how to make healthy Alfredo sauce or even your own recipe it would be great to hear from you. Please leave any further information in the comment section below….

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