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Lower Cholesterol With Food – Not Drugs!

​In this article we will be looking at how to lower cholesterol with food instead of using the more traditional method of drugs. Your diet gives you cholesterol – so your diet can take cholesterol away to right?


It’s a known fact – if you choose to eat fatty, fried or high calorie options then your cholesterol is gonna bounce through the roof. But cholesterol is often misunderstood! Did you know that every cell in your body needs cholesterol? It’s so very important for many different internal functions. The liver certainly seems to think so – if your body lower cholesterol with fooddoes not take in enough cholesterol then the liver actually takes it upon itself to make some!

The problem is that most people in the western world have more cholesterol than their bodies actually need. This in turn leads to a greater risk of heart disease.

Most people tend to look over the fact that you can lower cholesterol with food – they go straight for the drugs! These drugs are known as statins and they are effective in stopping your liver from producing cholesterol.

The problem with these statins is that not everybody trusts them – they are popular but there are unknown sides to them! By learning how to lower cholesterol with food you can keep a record of your levels without having to resort to these types of drugs.

How to Lower Cholesterol With Food

Add Oatmeal to your daily diet – I know it’s not the most popular choice of snack or breakfast food but oatmeal it great at giving you soluble fiber. This soluble fiber is effective at reducing the amount of cholesterol you find in your bloodstream.

Fruit – I don’t really know why I even have to cover this as most of you should be including a load of fruit in your daily diet anyway! But for those of you that don’t – eat fruit! Fruits contain pectin, a special type of soluble fiber known to lower cholesterol levels.

Fish For Dinner – Again, I know this is not to everyone’s taste but if you can stomach fish try and eat it at least twice a week for dinner. There are many different sauces you can try with fish to give it a more ‘exotic’ taste so get out there and try some! Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are great for boosting the health of your heart.

Go Nuts – Now don’t go straight out and buy bag-fulls of nuts after reading this – they will make you put on weight if you do not control your intake! Instead try eating about a handful of nuts a day – they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep your blood vessels clean and healthy.

Drop The Fat For Olive Oil – If you like frying up a breakfast or two try your best to introduce a new cooking agent – good old olive oil! You can even use this fatty oil substitute as a spread for toast if you want to replace butter. Olive oil has a high number of antioxidants that work wonders with cholesterol.

Sterols and stanols – If you are looking to lower cholesterol with food then you must try out these types of foods. Food that contain sterols and stanols stop your body from absorbing the cholesterol it has passing through it. They are present in margarine but I am not a fan of this substance so instead I go for the granola bar option – lovely!

The simplest way to lower cholesterol with food is to avoid the foods that raise the levels in the first place! Sounds simple enough really doesn’t it? You simply have to go down the same health avenues that you normally do – cut saturated fats, drink skimmed milk, avoid trans fats – surely you know the score by now?

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