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Low Calorie Meals That Fill You up

In this article we will be looking at low calorie meals that fill you up and the foods they should contain. We have covered the subject of ‘filling up’ for diet purposes on more than one occasion but a contributor handed us a short article that offered a few new suggestions.

So without further ado let’s take a look at the foods you should be using to create diet meals.

Good Old Porridge

porridge fills you upI kind of like porridge these days but it wasn’t always the case. As a kid I had a rather mean uncle Jeff who was a strict man. He used to force myself and my sister to eat porridge every morning and we were not over the moon about it.

But porridge is a wonderful choice of breakfast if you are aiming for staying full until lunch. Oats are obviously part of the wholegrain family so they are full of nutrients and fiber. These wholegrain’s are extremely effective at keeping you full for at least 3-4 hours.

Oats have a low glycaemic index so can help to keep blood sugar levels steady. This means you are a lot less likely to reach for that mid morning candy bar!

Potatoes CAN Help!

No matter what you read in your trashy glam magazines – potatoes are not your enemy. Most low calorie meals that fill you up should contain a portion of potatoes.

There is starchy carbohydrate in potatoes yes but this starch is used to fill you up – not to put on weight!

Now don’t go out and start frying yourself up some chips or fries – this will work the other way. You see boiled potatoes are actually a lot more filling than fried potatoes – who would of thought!

If you are a chips or fries addict then there is a healthy alternative. Simply bake yourself some potato wedges and leave the skins on – drizzle in a small amount of olive oil and enjoy!

Anyone For a Starter?

Low Calorie Meals That Fill You up - soupAnd so we come to soup – not as a main meal but as a starter. What we are aiming for here is to fill you up with GOOD food. If you consume some soup as a starter research shows that you will take in less calories throughout your main meal.

I find that a bowl of soup looks like a good amount from the word go – it seems to satisfy me without me eating any! It’s sometimes all in the mind and if you eat a bowl of soup before your main you will already tell yourself you’re a little full.

Think back on how many times you’ve eaten a healthy starter then had the thought ‘I’m a little full now…..I don’t know if I can manage all this’.

Eggs ( For Breakfast NOT For Lunch! )

I know there are some nightmare diet pictures painted about eggs but again this food really serves a purpose – as a breakfast choice!

If your breakfast turns out to be one of the low calorie meals that fill you up then you are on the right path!

Eggs are again a type of food that helps you to feel full throughout the day due to the high amounts of protein they contain. Use your head in this situation though – DON’T fry them! Scrambled, poached or boiled is just fine!

Wholewheat Pasta Choices

Low Calorie Meals That Fill You up - wholewheat pastaIf you are a bit of a pasta freak then don’t ignore it – use it in your diet! Simply replace the starchy horrible plain pasta with wholewheat pasta – job done, it’s that easy!

Wholewheat pasta is another of those foods that helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and therefore stops you reaching for the salty snacks!

A word of warning though – don’t have a full plate of pasta like you normally would. It’s a good idea to drastically cut the amount you eat. Have a portion of pasta with something else as a part of a meal.

Looking For a Half Time Snack…Oranges!

I was quite surprised by these claims but apparently research shows they are spot on! Oranges contain the same amount of calories as bananas but they are twice as filling. I was a little surprised ( and disappointed ) with this due to the fact that bananas are my favorite fruit.

Apparently it’s down to the water content of the oranges that makes them so filling. Research tells us that foods with a high water content can help to improve our satiety because it increases the portion size without adding calories.

Orange juice is not what we are looking for here ( the carton, drink kind! ) – stick to whole oranges.

Include Salad ( Without Any Dressing! )

With nearly every evening meal I consume I have a bowl of salad as a side ( a pretty big bowl to! ). This is a simple and obvious way to fill up without going over the top with calories.

Some people choose to eat their salad as a starter but others, like me, go for it as a side. A simple dressing of balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil is healthy and tasty!

Do you know of any low calorie meals that fill you up and think they may be of interest to our readers? If so please leave information on them in the comment section below…thanks for stopping by!

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