Lose Weight Eating Mainly Salad

If you decide to lose weight eating mainly salad there are a few things you should keep in mind. I know it sounds easy enough but you would be surprised at how many people tend to screw this simple diet routine up!

Sense And Sensibility

Lose Weight Eating Mainly SaladYes, if you decide to lose weight eating mainly salad it’s a pretty sensible choice to make! A lot of people jump on the bandwagon of it being a boring choice of diet food but I’ve got to be honest – it’s not if you use your head!

Just try incorporating simple vegetables into the salad to make it a little different – try grated carrot for starters!

Go for fresh and nutritious foods and think outside the box – Build up an overall balanced diet to take on the weight problem!

Go Green!

When hitting up a diet you are going to be doing everything in your power to get and stay as full as possible!

Now greens are well known for being a decent source of dietary fiber therefore they will fill you up – if you eat enough of them!

When you consider that a simple cup full of spinach contains on average 7 calories you get the idea of how much of this stuff you can dive into!

Protein is Key

It is relatively easy to lose weight eating mainly salad as long as you include a little protein on the side!

Chicken for proteinIf you can manage to include a good portion of protein within your salad you are much more likely to stay and feel a lot fuller for longer after you finish eating.

It’s very easy to go for a fatty protein but that’s obviously not what we are aiming for here! Stick to leaner forms of protein like tuna, grilled chicken portions, beans or just a couple of ( thin ) slices of cheddar.

If you are still hungry afterwards why not try a dessert made up of fresh fruit salad covered in a low fat plain yogurt ( stay away from the flavored versions! ).

The Temptations of Salad Dressings

Now I personally think that if you want to lose weight eating mainly salad then you should seriously think about creating your own dressing.

The problem with most salad dressings is that they do not explain to you how dangerous to a diet they are overall! Mayonnaise-based salads, such as egg, pasta, tuna and potato salad, are high-fat and high calorie choices – stay well away from them please!

I personally use a dressing my partner introduced me to and you may want to try it as well! Simply add a tablespoon of olive oil to a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and mix with seasoning. If you can find ‘Aromat’ in your country then I recommend trying this for your seasoning – it blows your salad away!!!

Use Salad as an Option

I always think it is best to use salad as an overall option – especially when you are eating out. These days most places ( including fast food joints ) have the option of saladUse Salad as an option

lose weight eating mainly salad as a side instead of the fatty alternatives. For instance replace the dreaded fries with a decent tasting salad. Don’t have a creamy soup for starters – go for one of the salad options instead.

You get the picture here – if it’s a calorie packed meal extra then it can be replaced by a simple variety of salad!

Salad Warnings

I thought I’d better include this point to make sure you do not overdo it when going for a salad based diet!

With a lot of people, to much salad can be a problem for the digestion system! Sometimes the salad cannot be digested because of the amount eaten and there will be ‘toilet incidents’ shall we say!

If you are wanting to lose weight eating mainly salad then it may be an idea to visit your local doctor first to run it by him/her. Get their thoughts on the matter to put your mind at rest!

If you have tried to lose weight eating mainly salad in the past and you want to have your say on the subject simply use the comment section below to highlight your experiences. Thanks for stopping by!

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