Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Menu

So we come to another popular but often misunderstood slimming plan – the Ketogenic diet weight loss menu! To cut straight to the point it’s another low carb diet and as we all know, they have been pretty controversial for decades now!

At first the health conscious experts were all up in arms about the dangers of this particular diet. They thought that a Ketogenic diet weight loss menu would only lead to the user developing high cholesterol due to the fat intake.Low Carbs - Ketogenic diet weight loss menu

But that was then and this is now – people are slowly coming around to the idea of these diets being rather helpful. Since the turn of the century ( 2000 not 1900 as some people tend to think! ) there have been numerous reports on low carb diets and they seem to be tipping the scale in competition terms.

Not only does low carb cause more weight loss, it also leads to big improvements in most risk factors… including cholesterol.

The following are the known benefits of using a Ketogenic diet weight loss menu….

They Kill off Your Appetite!

That’s right guys – a Ketogenic diet weight loss menu ( and most other low carb diets ) keep a lid on your appetite. In my experience hunger is the main side effect to worry about when dieting.

It’s the stumbling block of so many dieters out there and it makes you feel truly miserable! Here you are cutting carbs and ramming in more protein – you are feeling a lot fuller than you normally would!

The Quickest Way

A lot of people vouch for losing weight through low fat diets. Now there’s nothing wrong with these diets and people do have success through using them.tomatoes are good for Ketogenic diet

Think about this fact for a minute: people on low-carb diets lose more weight, faster, than people on low-fat diets!

Low carb diets are very effective at eliminating excess water from inside the body and they cut insulin levels.

If you use your Ketogenic diet weight loss menu as a lifestyle change you will see real results. Most people tend to see a magnificent change in their body weight over the first several months but then start to slip a little. They slowly but surely let the same old snack foods back into the eating regime and bang………back to square one!

So it’s not a low carb diet it’s more a low carb lifestyle – use it don’t abuse it!

The Stomach Takes a Kicking!

This will be music to a lot of people’s ears ( it was to mine! ). A Ketogenic diet weight loss menu will aim for the fat in your stomach area. Yes that fateful ‘pain in the ass’ area that 99% of us are unhappy about!

This particular fat is called Visceral fat and it likes to smoother our internal organs. This leads to pretty severe metabolic problems along with inflammation. Heart disease and diabetes can both be linked to this type of body fat.

Before You Jump in………

A little word of caution first before you jump headlong into a Ketogenic diet weight loss menu. It all sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it? Well just hold back a second and get through this paragraph first.check with doctor before starting Ketogenic diet

Although Ketogenic diets are beneficial for most people, there is some research based evidence that suggests that Ketosis will cause a transient increase in the body’s levels of adrenaline and cortisol for a small subgroup of people.

It’s best to always get yourself checked out first before you take up a diet as specialized and life changing as this. If you have any sort of concerns at all why not just check with your local doctor first – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So Look to Change

It’s now time to restock the kitchen with low carb foods and replace the old habits with newer ones. Start to think about the meals you are eating everyday beforehand – this will be very beneficial when it comes to buying the correct foods.

As always rely on your mindset more than anything else – if you are dedicated you will see results. Make sure your head is in the game and you know what heights you are aiming for.

If you have any more information on the Ketogenic diet weight loss menu you would like to share please use the comment section below. More opinions and information will help this article grow:)

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