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High Energy Foods For Women

​” A Woman’s Work is never done! “

My mother used to use this quote on me when I was a youngster in jest more than anything – little did I know the truth behind the saying at them time! In this article we will be looking at a selection of high energy foods for women to recharge your body’s battery meter!

Are you one of those women that struggle to keep your eyes open when the PC screen looms after lunch? Do you have to reach for the coffee and candy at three in the afternoon to get you through that final meeting?High Energy Foods For Women who are tired

You will probably be in need of some high energy foods for women in your diet. You see, sleeping at night is only part of the equation! The types and the amount of food you eat play an important role in your regular energy levels.

Foods that are tasty but high in calories or fat will end up doing crazy things to your body that will leave you feeling fatigued and slow.

Below are our recommended selection of high energy foods for women that will see you through the busy day:

Carbohydrates – Not Everyone’s Enemy!

Yeah they get a pretty hard time of it don’t they but that is generally down to people not understanding the subject properly.

You see not all carbohydrates have the same effect! Carbohydrates offer fuel to the body in the form of glucose. Now glucose is pretty nifty at creating energy for the brain and the workings of the nervous system.

Here are a few healthy ways of getting these complex carbohydrates and whole grains into your system:

  • Brown rice – A simple enough food that is high in manganese which helps you keep up high energy levels throughout your daily routine. It’s pretty user friendly overall and can be used to supplement a main meal or as a side dish.
  • Sweet Potatoes – These little beauties are loaded with ‘decent’ carbohydrate with the added bonus of vitamins C & A to!
  • Honey – Forget those nasty energy drinks that give you stomach cramps and go natural instead. A honey tea is nature’s equivalent to Red Bull and it really can ‘give you wings!’.

So you see not all carbohydrate choices are as bad for you as you may think! Carbohydrate – one of the top high energy foods for women!

Fruits – Glucose Heaven!

There is a lot of glucose present in certain fruits and this is easily turned into energy by your body. The digestion time for fruit is also very low – about thirty minutes on average! This makes them a great ‘shot in the arm’ of energy when needed….

  • Bananas – My favorite fruit by an easy mile! My mother still works full time at the age of 69 and she swears by sliced banana in a bowl of cereal every morning. The natural glucose, fructose and sucrose keeps her going whilst the fiber content leaves her feeling full until lunch time.
  • Apples – Apples take slightly longer to digest than the other fruit options available but apparently this leads to a more prolonged hit of energy. Again my mother swears by apples as a snack throughout the day but she insists on eating them with cheese – yuck……I don’t think I can quite stomach that!
  • Oranges – Again these take slightly longer to digest than bananas but they do have a good energy release through their potassium and folate. Oranges are known to have very high levels of vitamin C.

When you are looking into high energy foods for women, fruit is a no brainer really! It’s cheap, healthy, quick and it fits into your bag ( in most cases! ).


Protein is a great energy food and this works in your favor when you are attempting a successful diet regime.

  • Salmon – one of the tastiest high energy foods for women but unfortunately getting the smell out of the kitchen afterwards is a bit of a pain! You’ve probably already read about the handy omega-3 fatty acid content of this fish and how it benefits your body. On top of this there are decent levels of niacin and riboflavin which help convert the food you eat into energy.
  • Eggs – This is another food that seems to attract bad press in health circles at times but I’m unsure why? Over 90% of the protein inside eggs can be absorbed by our bodies! They are only little but they fill you up and they keep you going – just eat in moderation please!

​The high energy foods for women we have recommended above can all be found in your kitchen and they will not break the bank. Moderation is the key when it comes to carbohydrate as you don’t want to end up on a diet because of this power food. Simply replace those nasty sugar hits with healthier carbohydrate!

If you know of any effective high energy foods for women that we have not included here please feel free to use the comment section below this article to include them. Thanks for stopping by!

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