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If you are looking for a healthy substitute rice then this article could be right up your street! Rice is a simple enough food that has a long, long history – It is documented as dating as far back as 2500 B.C. It is now the staple crop of many different cultures spread over the world due to it’s quick preparation and relatively cheap cost.White Rice

So why are so many people looking into using a healthy substitute rice for their meals? Well these days the most common ( and cheapest! ) variety of rice is white rice. Now white rice is basically starch – there’s not getting away from that!

Starch is key to so many people opting for a new healthy substitute rice. When you use white rice in your meals you are in effect loading starch onto your plate! This has obvious health issues that individuals are going to get concerned about – people want to make better choices when it comes to their health!

Quinoa – A Healthy Substitute Rice

I recently covered this product in another article I wrote for a site and I have to say – I am very impressed by it! Quinoa is actually a complete protein and is full of very important nutrients – Riboflavin, Folate, Iron and zinc.


A lot of people seem to be turning to barley as a healthy substitute rice. Barley is a really healthy form of grain and a great source of fiber. Brown rice is known for it’s high fiber Barley - a healthy substitute ricecontent but barley outweighs it hands down!

The only problem with using barley as a substitute rice is the length of time it takes to cook. Depending on the amount of water you use to cook it in I would say it takes twice as long as cooking rice. If you do decide to try out barley as a healthy substitute rice try and purchase hulled barley as it is less refined.


Couscous is a durum wheat product that is extremely popular in Northern Africa. Now I’m not in any way a fan of this food but it works really well as a rice substitute. The traditional method to cook couscous is to steam it three times but these days the product is available in a ‘quick cook’ version.


I stumbled upon this substance when a vegetarian friend of mine was making a risotto a few months ago. I have to admit before this point I had not really heard to much about it. Bulgur is made out of crushed down wheat berries and turned into a sort of grain format. My friend told me that she often used Bulgar as a healthy substitute rice to eat with soups or a stew.


This is a strange type of seed that is roasted down into a sort of rice format. Rice does not really have that much flavor but Millet has a strong nutty taste to it. As well as the Millet - a healthy substitute ricenutrition and the vitamin content Millet is also known to provide a good source of antioxidants.

Now companies have began to cotton on to this seed’s popularity so make sure you are not buying the more commercial versions. Try your best to purchase Millet in it’s natural form – this means without added salt or harmful preservatives!

If you know of any other healthy substitute rice available that we have not included here please join in and leave a comment in the section below this post. As Always we love the interaction and it helps the information on this site grow and evolve :)

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