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Healthy Peanut Butter Alternatives

Hello again! Today we will be covering the healthy peanut butter alternatives available and looking at what makes them so nutritious. I have my eight year old son to thank for this post as it was his query that led me to this research. His ‘need to know’ approach to everything I mention ‘that is good for you’ struck a chord and I decided to write this article with my findings….

As a youngster growing up South Wales my sister and I were not allowed sweets due to the fact my father was a dentist. Every morning our friends would be consuming layer after layer of jams and jellies on their toasts while we had to sit through the more healthier options. At the time it didn’t feel great but I am so glad we were led down that path now. That time of my life has led to a powerful Marmite and Peanut Butter addiction that is still with me every morning now!

Peanut Butter Rocks……But Why?

A decent sized tablespoon of peanut butter is enough to cover a medium sized piece of toast ( in my case anyway! ). For that one tablespoon you are hitting up about 90 calories – not to good, not to bad either!healthy peanut butter alternatives

The fat that is contained within peanut butter is the type of fat which is actually good for you! Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are nothing like the nasty trans fats you find in processed foods – the provide a different function. These two actually help the body fight off developing cardiovascular disease and control your cholesterol levels.

If you figure in the high doses of nutrition, protein and fiber within the foodstuff you can really start to appreciate it’s ‘superpowers’. But there are healthy peanut butter alternatives out there which are a little more effective when it comes to weight loss. Some people are unable to consume this yummy spread due to the fact they have allergies! Whatever your reasons here are a few healthy peanut butter alternatives for you to try out…..

Hummus – Not For Me I’m Afraid!

Now hummus seems to be a very popular substitute for peanut butter but I’m afraid I cannot stomach it for one second. I hate the taste, I hate the smell and I hate the texture of it. I suppose it’s a sort of love/hate type situation with most people like Marmite!

A same sized tablespoon of hummus only provides 30 calories, which is very impressive from a dieting point of view. Like peanut butter the majority of the fats within hummus are the ‘good fats’ and it is high in protein and fiber.

If you like the taste of hummus you are onto a winner – the perfect spread for healthy living. Although if you are like me you may want to look a little further into healthy peanut butter alternatives:

Ever Tried Almond Butter?

Well almond butter isn’t exactly good for you from a dieting standpoint but it does offer you higher levels of protein and fiber. Unfortunately it contains about 100 calories per tablespoon serving but it is extremely nutritious overall. It’s a great snack filler – by this I mean the protein and the fiber tend to give you that ‘full feeling’ so you do not snack further between meals.

Tahini Paste – Plain Yet Effective

I always found Tahini a little plain in taste when compared to the other healthy peanut butter alternatives. They make it by mashing up sesame seeds with a little olive oil – it tastes fine but it’s just not exotic enough for me. Again, it has high levels of protein and fiber and is a good source of good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Sunbutter Natural Sunflower Seed Butter

This is one of the healthy peanut butter alternatives that was designed to replace the ‘peanut’ element of the foodstuff. I thought I would include it as it is again a very nutritious alternative. It was designed specifically for people who cannot eat peanut butter due to allergies.

The sunflower seeds obviously replace the peanuts in the butter and that gives this product a really unique and original taste!

As you can see most healthy peanut butter alternatives are just as good for you as peanut butter itself – I suppose it’s just down to taste at the end of the day. I have tried all the healthy peanut butter alternatives listed above and whilst being quite nice – they didn’t get anywhere near the good old original. Have you tasted any of the alternatives above? What do you think about them? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below:

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