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Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work

Let’s take a look at some healthy lunch ideas at work and try and keep your diet on course throughout the week!

The Money Side of Things

Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work Save MoneyMost people work at least five days a week and that means there are five lunch breaks to cover. Not only is the food you get at the work cafeteria expensive it is also nowhere near as healthy as your own food.

How much do you spend on food every lunchtime? Add it up in your head then multiply it by four – that’s how much you are wasting on unhealthy lunches every month ( a bit of an eye opener really isn’t it? ).

The Brown Bag Lunch

I know it’s a little old fashioned looking now but the brown bag lunches are still a hit when it comes to healthy eating. What do you think the refrigerator is for in the work kitchen?

When you pack lunch at home, you can control your portions and choose healthier ingredients. Sure it makes good sense to throw in a treat or two but you don’t have to go overboard. Just give yourself something to look forward to every lunch time and keep the rest healthy!

But it’s pretty easy to run out of ideas when you are looking at healthy lunch ideas at work – don’t forget that’s five meals a week on average!

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Let’s take a look at what makes up a healthy lunch and see if we can give you a few fresh ideas…

The Make up of a Healthy Lunch

It’s good sense to make sure ANY meal is a balanced meal – so you have your first pointer right there!

You need to keep your body fueled up to the brim for the afternoon session of work. So, with this in mind it would be a good idea to aim for including some protein and healthy carbohydrate in your lunch.

So you want to be fueled up and you also want to feel full all the way through to ‘home time’.

Whole grain is a great filling foodstuff and also a good source of fiber – do you like sandwiches? I love them ( funnily enough I just had a really poor sandwich from Tesco’s before I started writing this! ) and they usually make up my lunchtime meal.

Healthy Lunch Ideas at Work - Wholegrain Bread

Sandwiches are a great ‘brown bag food’ or ‘lunchbox food’ and they give you the wholegrain option of bread.

But you don’t have to just settle at traditional bread – rock things up a bit with wholegrain pitas or the healthier options of wraps…lovely!

But I Don’t Usually go For Sandwiches…

Not a problem – there are plenty of other options for healthy lunch ideas at work!

I always include a hard boiled egg in my brown bag concoctions – lovely to eat and simple to make and pack. Just make sure you don’t leave it uneaten in your bag overnight ( yuck! ).

I also like to include a little box or container of cereal with my lunch – as an alternative! Now I’m not going on about those sugary little Kellogg’s boxes here – I mean a little air tight container full of granola or oat based cereal.


How big is your family dinner at home every night? I don’t know about you but in our house there is always a massive pot or oven dish full to the brim with home cooked food.

Leftovers are a brilliant way to eat healthy at work – home cooked food is always much healthier than the options you get ‘outside’.

Again all you need is one of those cheap air tight lunch containers and a spoon which you can pinch from work :)

Convenience Food is Not ALWAYS Bad

I wouldn’t recommend going for one of these highly processed freezer meals but there are other options out there.

I personally love those fresh soups that are offered up by supermarkets now. You know the ones that are in cartons or air tight plastic pots – full of fresh veggies! I have a friend who opts for those tinned soups as a work lunch – after checking the contents out I realized they are not that unhealthy at all really!

Do you have any healthy lunch ideas at work that we may be interested in? Do you maybe cook at home and eat in work? Please leave your ideas and your opinions in the comment section below and stay healthy! :)

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