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Healthy Food That Fills You up – Simple And Delicious!

Cutting calories or just taking on a more sensible lifestyle? By sticking to a selection of healthy food that fills you up you can feel satisfied when embarking on this new journey!

By loading up your kitchen with a variety of health foods, protein and fiber you are giving yourself a REAL chance to succeed. Take a look through our list of healthy food that fills you up and see if there is something there that takes your fancy……

Pistachios – A Good Kinda Nut!

Nuts are great when on a diet or trying to achieve a better level of health. The problem is you cannot eat to many of them otherwise you will end up consuming to many calories.

Pistachios - Healthy FoodThis is where the Pistachios come into play – the wonder nut! Pistachios are one of the lowest calorie and lowest fat nut options around. The obvious advantage here is that you can eat way more of them ( when compared to peanuts for example! ).

The fat that is contained in these wonder nuts is actually heart healthy fat and it can reduce the risk of heart disease!

So if you’re looking for healthy food that fills you up I recommend putting these bad boys on the top of your shopping list!

Super Low Calorie Veggies!

Finding food that is ‘no calorie’ is near enough impossible but there are a lot of foods that come pretty close to this! Certain veggies for instance are as near as you can get! My favorite are cucumbers, carrots and broccoli because you can do an awful lot with them ( in a cooking sense! ).

Healthy Food That Fills You up - BroccoliThese veggies are made up of water and fiber – not much else really. So you’ve got an extremely low calorie food to start things off with and the fiber will add the bulk to your meal and fill you up.

You really don’t have to load up your plates with raw vegetables here – that’s not what I’m getting at! Try bulking up a sandwich with some veggies or filling an omelette to the brim with some – you get what I mean?

Anyone Fancy a Mars Bar?

Yes that’s quite a sarcastic title – I am not here to promote Mars bars! What I’m trying to get at here is that a lot of people tend to have a sweet tooth and this sweet tooth will let them down in the end.

If you are looking for a sweet, healthy food that fills you up then I have the answer for you – raspberries!

A small cup of raspberries is not going to go much over 50 calories and they are rammed full of fiber. You also get a big Vitamin C boost but the big advantage here is satisfying that pesky sweet tooth!

Go Greek!

Normal yogurt is OK if you pick the unflavored versions but why not go Greek? Greek yogurt is full of protein and calcium and is overall quite good for you.

The problem is a lot of people ( namely MEN ) like to chew down on something to feel satisfied – this doesn’t really work with Greek yogurt on it’s own!

Try adding some of those wonder nuts we covered earlier in the article and see how it turns out.


If you are looking for a healthy food that fills you up you can travel back to your childhood and eat a bowl of cereal. You do have to promise me one thing though – don’t pick a box with a cartoon animal on it!

cereal for healthy eating

Try and go for the boxes the ‘old people’ sort of go for – you know the ones, they sort of keep you regular!!!

You are aiming for the high fiber options rammed full of whole grain ingredients – we ARE NOT aiming for Coco Pops here!

Are You Into Salmon?

If you are looking for something neat and tasty to put with your super veggies why not try your hand at a little salmon?

Eating chicken for your main dinner, meal after meal, will end up getting on your nerves after a while. Salmon is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and on top of that offers lean protein – great for dieting purposes!

You will find healthy food that fills you up all around no matter where you are ( well maybe not in McDonald’s but you get the point! ). There is no excuse really – stock up and stock up well! Think outside the box and create healthy, nutritious meals.

If you have any thoughts on healthy food that fills you up or any additional options we would love to hear from you. Please leave your contributions in the comment section below :)

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