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Healthy Food at Taco Bell – Surely Not?

We decided to cover the idea of healthy food at Taco Bell due to the fact we could not find to much decent information on it online. We were asked the question a few weeks back and after a short spell of research we found nothing of real use ( overall ). Sure there was the odd response on forums of ‘the only healthy food at Taco Bell is water!’ and ‘just don’t eat it’ but nothing really concrete ( or mildly serious! ).

Remember That Fresco Menu That Only Girls Order From?

Yep…..only girls order from this menu for a reason guys – it’s not as tasty and it’s much healthy food at Taco Bellbetter for you! There is not one item on this menu that reaches 400 calories – which is a good start considering we are in a fast food joint here!

You are able to get any of the items on a Taco Bell menu in a fresco situation so try it out. They are there to please your needs – they want as many customers through the door as possible at the end of the day.

What About The Sides?

If your looking into healthy food at Taco Bell then don’t forget the sides guys! I personally sometimes use these sides as a way to keep my diet going when I am on a visit to TB. A few weeks back I was lucky enough to stumble upon the side’s calorie ratings for the basis of this article – at last my mind was put to rest!

Yes ladies and gentlemen – my healthy approach to using the sides in Taco Bell were spot on! Check this out:

  • Black Beans only contain 80 calories per serving ( come on!!! )
  • The Black Beans and Rice dish only has 200 calories in the count!
  • Pintos and Cheese come in at 180 calories and
  • The Premium Latin Rice is a low count at 120 calories!

There are a couple of other reasonably low sides but they were much higher calorie counts than the four above ( so I decided to exclude them! ).

Flavor Over Fat

A lot of people fail when aiming for the healthy food at Taco Bell due to the fact they love the flavor of certain ‘no go’ foods. These are namely the sauces that are on offer there. Now, if you want to eat healthy food at Taco BellĀ I’m afraid you are going to have to Flavor over fat - healthy food at Taco Bellavoid sour cream, cheese sauce or other creamy toppings.

‘Noooooooooo’ I can hear you scream over the mountain tops! But wait a minute…..are these creamy sauces really that nice? I have to be honest with you – I’m more of a fan of the hotter category!

Why don’t you try following in my footsteps and hitting up a few of those spicy hot sauces on offer at TB? They give out a great flavor without any of the fat!

Taco Salad Express With Chips

Are you one of those people that are lucky enough to be near a TB that offers this service. This salad is a great choice for healthy food at Taco Bell but unfortunately not all of them provide it as a menu regular.

Don’t ask me why this is…..I don’t know! Sometimes they even take it off the menu altogether for a couple of months – I have no idea what their thinking is!

Anyway back to the subject in hand – the Salad Express With Chips! Basically ditch the chips and the cheese sauces and use the citrus salsa they give out instead – lovely! Low calorie and big, big taste!

Do you have any ideas on healthy food at Taco Bell? Is there a personal diet routine that you use there? If so we would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on the subject – the more options the better really! Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below……

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