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Healthy Flour Alternatives – Make a Better Choice!

Hi there! In this article we will be going over a few healthy flour alternatives to turn your meals into a more nutritious experience! These days there is more than one bag of flourhealthy flour alternatives on the shelves at any given supermarket ( and this ladies and gentlemen – is a good thing! ). The reason more and more people are turning to flour made from soy and special grains – they are looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle!

So lets take a look at the various healthy flour alternatives on offer and see if we can find something that suits your needs!

Anyone For Paleo? Let’s Hit up Some Almond Flour!

Yes you heard me correctly – this little beauty is completely safe to include on the Paleo diet! This is because it is quite simply completely grain free in it’s natural format. It is rammed full of decent protein, healthy fats for your body and portions of vitamin E.

One little tip I should warn you about so you don’t end up wasting a bag of the stuff ( like I did on first sittings! ). This product needs to live out it’s life in the refrigerator once opened – leaving it in the cupboard will only cause it to spoil.

Soy ( Flour ) – Not Just For Nasty Vegetarian Burgers!

Long gone are the days when soy was ridiculed due to the plastic tasting veggie burgers it was limited to! Soy flour is one of the tastiest and healthy flour alternatives available.Soy flour - healthy flour alternatives Again soy is very, very high in protein content and provides an excellent source of fiber to boot!

I have a ( vegetarian ) friend who uses this soy flour to make some really excellent sauces. She’s even ventured into making a gravy for a Sunday roast with it ( and it went down VERY well! ).

Quinoa – We Just Can’t Get Away From it Can we?

Yes it’s the official wonder-stuff again – Quinoa! I think it’s made an appearance in over 50% of the articles on this site so far! It really is a wonderful health food and it makes for one of the great healthy flour alternatives.

As well as a truck load of protein and nutrition this wonder-stuff also includes a portion of essential amino acids. Now, I wouldn’t recommend using Quinoa flour as a straight flour – it will end up with a pretty uneven and bitter taste!

What most people do is use it 50/50 with white flour – making the white flour altogether more healthy! The flour mix won’t be as smooth as usual due to the grainy feel to the Quinoa but don’t let that worry you – it’ll work out just fine!

Barley Flour – Simple Yet Effective!

This is one of the healthy flour alternatives that is a no brainer really! It’s easy enough to get hold of, not high in price and it will help lower your blood cholesterol. A great source of fiber and a great tasting flour! There are two versions of this flour so make sure you pick the whole grain choice otherwise you are just sort of defeating the object really!

Spelt Flour – An Ancient Grain

I was actually going to stop the article at the end of the last paragraph before one of our contributors kindly pointed out that I was missing one of the ‘older’ healthy flour alternatives.

I’ll be honest – I have tried Spelt flour but it was a long time ago and I’m unsure whether I enjoyed it or not! It’s referred to as an ancient grain and I’m reliably informed it has a rather nutty taste to it ( which I still can’t remember! ).

As with the barley flour – make sure you are purchasing the whole grain version of Spelt flour. This wholegrain version is a lot higher in fiber and more suitable for dieting overall.

If you have any ideas on healthy flour alternatives or you know of a product we have not mentioned here today then please feel free to leave your information in the comment section below.

Interaction is the key to this website evolving……………….

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