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Healthy Eating Snack Ideas – Avoid The Junk!

Here we have a few healthy eating snack ideas for you to include in your diet plan. Many people seem to fail at weight loss due to their need to snack. It’s all about willpower really and if you haven’t got that – you will need to replace your snacking foods with something a lot healthier!

The Crap in These Snacks!

I apologize for the direct language in the sub heading but it’s meant to get your attention and shock you! We are suggesting you take up healthy eating snack ideas because the healthy eating snack ideasmore traditional snacks contain everything you do not want in a diet!

The trans fats, salt and sugar levels of most of these commercial ( and yet tasty! ) snacks is through the roof for their size – you do not need ( or want ) them in your diet! Snacks add to many calories and to few nutrients to our diets unless you choose the healthier options…..

New Healthy Eating Snack Ideas

Don’t get rid of snack time just make it a whole healthier process for your body! Check out our list of alternative snacks below – we’re sure something will take your fancy….

Fruit – Come on guys this is SOOOOOO overlooked it’s almost laughable! Fruit is the ultimate snack and can even cater for the sweet tooth in us all.apples for healthy eating snack ideas

Any fruit will make a sound and healthy snack but the trick is to match it up with some sort of protein at the same time. The protein will give you a higher feeling of fullness overall so that your fruit snack will last a lot longer.

A good recommendation for a fruit and protein snack is simple skimmed milk and a nice juicy red apple – one of the cheap and easy healthy eating snack ideas that fits into any day!

Canned Tuna – Don’t just leave this stuff sitting around your cupboards for several years as it does have a use ( and it tastes pretty nice to! ). This doesn’t just offer you a great source of protein but also a good source of omega-3’s as well. Tuna simply served on wholewheat crackers – lovely!

Shellfish – I’m writing this through gritted teeth as I am not a fan of most shellfish Shellfish is a healthy eating snack ideaschoices out there! The problem is that if I was a fan I would have a great snack choice to include in my healthy diet plans. It’s one of those ‘love em or hat em’ choices – for me it’s the latter! Low in fat and a high source of protein and fiber – can you stomach shellfish?

Smoothies – Now I know how expensive a decent smoothie can be these days so have you ever tried making your own? It’s a lot easier than you might think and you can tailor for more than a few friends in one sitting.

There are thousands upon thousands of healthy smoothie recipes available online for you to choose out of. The most popular seems to be the ‘power berry’ smoothies that contain black skinned fruit with high antioxidants.

Tofu – again we come to one of the healthy eating snack ideas that I cannot stand I’m afraid! Tofu is low in calories, high in fiber and a decent source of protein. It can also be used with a range of foods to create many different healthy snacks. I know of quite a few friends that have used this snack method to great effect but I’m afraid I’m not it’s biggest fan!

Using Chicken – Chicken can make up a variety of healthy eating snack ideas but for chicken as a healthy snacksome reason it is often overlooked for the more diverse ideas. Don’t really know why this is as chicken is relatively cheap, filling and considered a more healthy meat. I usually go for a simple chicken salad sandwich on wholemeal bread ( no butter or margarine! ) – lovely!

Simple Toast – Yes it’s the good old British favorite toast! Now toast is filling and healthy as long as you stick to wholegrain bread and don’t do something stupid like smother it with jam or jelly. As a recommendation I would try out Marmite – it’s a lovely spread full of vitamins and iron. Unfortunately it is one of those love/hate products – some people like the taste whilst others detest it!

Your Ideas For Healthy Eating Snack Ideas?

So there are a few great ideas to get you started off on creating some healthier snacks for your diet. We are fully aware that there are millions of others out there just waiting to be discovered. What are your favorite healthy eating snack ideas? Would you mind sharing them with us?

The comment section below is reserved for your opinions and ideas so please make use of it if you have something you think the readers will appreciate. Thanks for stopping by guys!

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