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Healthy Eating Plans For Teenagers

By introducing the internet to a handful of healthy eating plans for teenagers we are hoping to change the outlook certain youngsters have on their food. Recent reports claimed that the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had actually won in his fight against McDonald’s. This meant that old Ronald McDonald had to come down off his tall throne and actually admit his food was not fit for human consumption!

It’s quite a statement really isn’t it? Mind you if you have ever taken note of what they put in their McNugget’s you will not be to surprised. But how much of this crap are our teenagers still ramming into their mouths and what is it doing to them? Here we take a look at some healthy eating plans for teenagers that you might find interesting….

Creating Healthy Eating Plans For Teenagers

It’s common knowledge ( or least it should be! ) that teenagers need plenty of fruit, vegetables and nutrients within their diets. Unfortunately most teenagers choose to ignore this and go for years living on an unbalanced diet.Junk Food - No Good For teenagers

And Why not? I know when I was this age I put all kinds of rubbish down my throat and didn’t stop to think about the consequences once! Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but it’s especially important for growing teenagers.

It will always require a great deal of effort to implement healthy eating plans for teenagers and change eating habits. The outcome will be worth it though as your body and your personal well being will improve with even the slightest of changes.

Why Teenagers Should Stay Away From Fast Food

When you are eating you are actually putting fuel into your body – much like filling up a car with petrol. Junk food is the cheaper kind of ‘red diesel’ that you find scattered around rural areas – no good for running an engine and no good for the health of your car in the long run!

Healthy eating plans for teenagers can help avoid high saturated fat, high sugar intake, mid-life heart problems, weight gain, high blood pressure, constipation and fatigue. When you put it like that it’s pretty scary stuff really isn’t it!

Healthy Eating Plans For Teenagers

You would be surprised at the effect of small changes in a teenagers diet:

  • OK, so the first thing you we need to do with our plan is to remove ( or at least cut back ) the sugar intake of our teenager(s). Now this means soft or fizzy drinks are a big no-no from now onward. A lot of people exchange these sort of drinks for the sugar free versions but I would not necessarily recommend these either. You seehealthy eating plans for teenagers these drinks are laden with acidic qualities that can cause dental and bone problems. Why not try them out on fizzy mineral water – it works for my eight year old son!
  • When constructing healthy eating plans for teenagers try your best to include fruit in the setup. Fruit is a vital part of any diet as it can be used to replace snacks like chocolate and pastries.
  • Make sure your teenager has a decent breakfast every morning – you know the saying ‘most important meal of the day’? Well it is as it can stop you from turning to mid morning snacks. I would always go for the wholemeal or wholegrain version of breakfasts – toast is always a favorite!
  • Try to educate your kids on why you are looking at healthy eating plans for teenagers. This will settle them into the idea and make the discussion process a little easier. For example try to explain to them not to order fatty foods every time they are in a fast food joint like McDonald’s. Point out the more healthier options that a lot of these places are now ‘forced’ to offer!
  • A lot of teenagers tend to meet up at certain fast food places for pizza, burgers etc, etc. If you can convince them to meet up at a more fashionable health joint you are removing the temptation of eating rubbish. A lot of celebrities are filmed in health food chains these days – surely you can implement that into your argument somewhere along the line!

At the end of the day you are trying to use various healthy eating plans for teenagers to change the way they look at food. Try to compare the prices in a decent food hut to the prices in the fast food joints – there’s really not that much difference in most cases! Eating well does not have to mean you turn into a priest or a nun – every diet needs the occasional treat here and there!

We hope you found the advice on healthy eating plans for teenagers helpful today. Feel free to stop by again!

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