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Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Hello again! In this article we will be looking at the available and healthy coffee creamer alternatives. If you looked deeper into the ingredients of most coffee creamers you would be surprised at the rubbish that is sometimes included in them. They are often packed rigid with hydrogenated oils and those nasty trans fats – neither of which are that comforting for your waistline. So let’s take a look at a few healthy coffee creamer alternatives and avoid the extra ‘bad ingredients’ in our diet.

It’s Not Just The Fats!

As I pointed out above these creamers are often full to the brim with nasty fats. It’s not healthy coffee creamer alternativesjust the fat’s you should be worried about though! A lot of these products also have a healthy amount of sugar and artificial ingredients added to them for taste.

A lot of people are under the impression that coffee creamers are somewhat more healthier options than the regular whiteners like milk – definitely not the case! The trans fats these creamers contain are known for increasing the bad cholesterol in your body whilst at the same time reducing the good cholesterol – a pretty naff situation really!

So let’s take a look at a few healthy coffee creamer alternatives and erase the risk poor ingredients have on the body!

Coconut Milk

Coconuts are great food – if you can manage to get the damn thing open! They are well known for being very nutritious and full of ‘good fats’. These types of fats are quite fancied by our bodies so they are burned off pretty quickly!

Some fats tend to be stored off in your body but coconut fats are not one of these – in some research papers it’s claimed these fats can actually increase body fat loss!

Anyway, as far as healthy coffee creamer alternatives go this is a great example. It has a very unique taste and gives your coffee a more specialized feel – like something you would pay a ridiculous amount for in Costa :)

Real Cream – No Way!!! Surely Not?

Yes I’m pleased to tell you that a lot of research now points to real cream being one of Real Cream Coffee Alternativethe more healthy coffee creamer alternatives ( when compared to regular coffee creamers of course! ). It is really high in fat – there is no getting away from this! But if you regulate the amount you ingest there are health benefits to it ( and you don’t put that much in coffee do you! ).

Apparently diary fats contain bio-active components with CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) and Omega-3 fatty acids that counter balance saturated fats. Good to know isn’t it!

Simple Old Whole Milk – Nice!

This is the most obvious and simplest of healthy coffee creamer alternatives really – whole milk. There are a lot of natural fats, protein, minerals and vitamins contained within a simple glass of milk. It’s never going to give you that rather extravagant creamy taste on it’s own but if you mix up a sort of half and half deal you’ll get a nice crossover. By this I mean using a small amount of whole milk and a small amount of real cream – works wonders!

Feeling Adventurous? Why Not Make Your Own Healthy Creamer?

This is obviously one of the more adventurous healthy coffee creamer alternatives and is probably not everyone’s first choice! It’s basically making your own rather posh, low calorie coffee creamer.

I came across a recipe online for this a few weeks back and I have to admit – it tastes pretty good! It involves blending soaked almonds, water and dates together to make a healthy creamer. You cannot use the creamer straight away though – you must first drain the mixture to remove the ‘big bits’ then allow it to stand for about two to three hours!

The healthy coffee creamer alternatives listed above are all much, much better for you than the commercial coffee creamers. I personally like the idea of the last one ( making your own! ) but after doing it once I cannot see myself creating it on a daily basis!

If you have any information on any healthy coffee creamer alternatives we have not included above then please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We love the interaction involved with the comment section and it can only help our site evolve!

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