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Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar – Six Simple Options

People look for healthy alternatives to white sugar because this sweet substance has somehow become a companion in most of our lives. Processed foods, nasty little soda healthy alternatives to white sugardrinks and even our faithful cup of tea or coffee have all been conquered by sugar.

But why is this? Why is sugar so common in all of these popular foods. In the US obesity is going through the roof whilst in Britain it is fast following suit! More and more people are taking note of the harmful effects and are looking to healthy alternatives to white sugar to improve their health.

Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar

So let’s give obesity and tooth decay a few days off and look into some healthier alternatives for the sweet teeth among us!

1. Stevia – This is a South American herb that is native to the land. I have read reports that the herb is actually thought to be hundreds of times as sweet as white sugar ( surely not! ). It is a very popular sweetener in Asian countries like Japan – there are certain reports leading us to believe that Stevia was used in the Japanese equivalent of Diet Coke!

Stevia is the choice of sweetener that most diabetics are turning to due to the fact that it has no glycemic qualities. The calorie count of the herb does not even register so it’s perfect for any diet plan.

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2. Xylitol – this is one of the healthy alternatives to white sugar you have probably heard about from a chewing gun advert on TV. It’s a particularly strange type of sugar that is naturally created by most living things covering trees, fruits, plants, animals and even people. I’m afraid it’s a little more heavy on the wallet than sugar but it is worth it if you are looking for a healthier alternative!

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3. Honey – I Love this stuff spread on toast but it also works well as a one of the healthy alternatives to white sugar. Up to 80% of the sugars inside honey are completely natural and it also boosts high protein and vitamin levels.

Now I’m not saying honey is a complete substitute for sugar especially if you are on a diet – it is just a healthier option. Whilst the calorie count is lower than sugar it still contains enough calories to warrant caution. My best recommendation is to replace some of the white sugar you use to cook with honey – lovely results!

4. Blackstrap Molasses – This is one of the less popular healthy alternatives to white sugar mainly because it is not that well known. It is a by-product of sugar cane processing but it contains a much better range of nutrients than plain white sugar.

It contains a high iron content along with vitamin B 6, magnesium and calcium. It is also thought to have a really high antioxidant level when compared to most sweeteners.

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5. Agave Nector – I find this product rather similar to honey in taste and in texture. It is known to be a lot sweeter than regular sugar but because of this you get to use less! It has the same amount of calories but considering you are using less it is better for your waistline. Agave Nector comes from the Agave cactus plant.

These are the five healthy alternatives to white sugar we recommend you try out first. There are other, more diverse ( and expensive ) alternatives out there but to be honest – we feel that the options listed here are by far the best!

If you have any information on healthy alternatives to white sugar that you think we might find interesting please leave them in the comment section below :)

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