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Healthy Alternatives to Candy at Halloween

We have had quite a few requests for information on healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween. It’s not exactly ‘that time of year’ at the moment but we thought we’d cover ithealthy alternatives to candy at halloween all the same! children love candy – no matter what we do we will not change that! Unfortunately Halloween gives them the chance to hook up as much of this candy as possible.

Aside from the obvious obesity problems candy can also bring on a lot of dental problems! So let’s take a look at some healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween and see if we can make the night a whole lot healthier!!!

Healthy Alternatives to Candy at Halloween

I think the main trick here is to not let the children know that they are in fact consuming something that is better for them. The whole thing sort of falls down when a child realizes he/she is being duped into eating something they are allowed.

Healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween need to be cleverly disguised and made to look like they are something ‘wrong’ or ‘forbidden’ even!

Banana Treats

This is one of the simpler healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween and can even be a little side project for you and your child. There is a certain amount of chocolate sauce used with these but it doesn’t go overboard.

Simply push sticks into the ends of unpeeled bananas ( so they look like a banana lollipop! ) and then place in the freezer for a good few hours. Once they are frozen solid pull them out of the freezer and carefully take the peel off. Drizzle with a little chocolate sauce and enjoy! As I said don’t go overboard with the chocolate sauce – a simple line drizzle around the banana will work wonders – healthy and delicious!

Healthy Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a favorite with kids so why don’t you try and create a few healthy Witch at Halloweenalternatives to this platform? By simply making carrot or pumpkin cupcakes you can supply the kids with a really healthy and delicious Halloween treat. The more colorful orange foods always offer us high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carotene. Cupcakes made from these types of ‘orange foods’ make for great Halloween treats that the kids will never guess are healthy!

Pre-Packaged Snacks

Children like little bars of chocolate that are wrapped up in colorful wrappers etc. It gives them the confirmation that they are eating something that is deemed a treat! So instead of going out and purchasing a load of chocolate bars why don’t you aim for some healthier pre-packed foods. I would always recommend granola bars as an addition to your treat bowl. Now I don’t recommend getting rid of candy altogether as your Halloween efforts may suffer. Try and get little bite sized candies to mix in with the granola bars and fruit bars ( the more healthier stuff! ).

Who Said it Had to be Food?

That’s right – kids also get excited by things other than food! Why not introduce a bowl/bucket full of stickers as treats for the kids? Around Halloween time it is easy to pick up several sheets of brightly colored ( or glow in the dark ) ghouls and creatures. These sheets of stickers cost next to nothing and will make a welcome change from the sugar the kids are being offered.

Simple Gum

All kids go for chewing gum – I was no different when I was younger! But instead of buying the normal bubble gum why not purchase some sticks of the sugar free chewing gum instead? This stuff is again really cheap to buy in bulk and it’s a welcome relief for their teeth and dental work!

Mini Water Bottles or Pure Juice Boxes

Looking for healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween can be thirsty work – imagine how thirsty the kids get when going from door to door! Hand out little bottles of water or fruit smoothie boxes. It’s not exactly the cheapest way to treat the kids but it is certainly one of the more healthier!

Dark Chocolate

It’s not often a favorite of the kids but dark chocolate has a lot of hidden benefits. If you can manage to create treats that contain dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate you will be supplying kids with a source of compounds called flavanols. These flavanols contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for our health.

If you know of any other healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween we would love to hear about them. We would prefer to have contributions that come from the food group if possible as they would fit better with this article! Thanks for stopping by!

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