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Healthy Alternative Cheese

If you are not much of a dairy fan you’ll be pleased to know there are some healthy alternative cheese options that you may be interested in. A relative of mine had problems when it came to digesting certain dairy products so she leaned on me for a little advice on the subject. Cheese seemed to cause her the most trouble but at the same time she was pretty keen on it. I started to research into a healthy alternative cheese for her and I thought I’d share my findings within this article.

Dairy Can Effect People in Strange Ways

As I pointed out above the whole point of the search into a healthy alternative cheese was that a relative of mine experienced bad problems with diary. It’s quite surprising the amount of trouble people receive from this food group.healthy alternative cheese

Apparently a lot of discomfort is down to the digestion time of cheese – anywhere up to five hours. Because of the length of digestion time the pancreas can really start to struggle and this in turn causes bad stomach pains.

There is also a high lactose content to some cheese and this can again effect people in different ways. You may feel very bloated around the stomach area and in more severe cases suffer from diarrhea.

Healthy Alternative Cheese Choices

A lot of the alternatives listed below have a much lower saturated fat content than normal cheese and much less cholesterol as well!

Soy Cheese is a great healthy alternative cheese for those who want to avoid dairy products. The trick with soy cheese is to make sure you have bought a decent brand containing casein. This casein protein is what gives cheese it’s texture and soy cheese without it tastes a little ‘wrong’.

But there is one problem here – casein is still considered part of the dairy family. So you have two choices – horrible tasting soy cheese with no dairy or a better tasting healthy alternative cheese with minor amounts of dairy?

Nutritional Yeast is another healthy alternative cheese that is very popular with vegans. It’s known to be packed with the B-vitamins and plenty of protein as well. It’s another low fat option so expect a lot less calories than real cheese. The form I often come across sort of looks a lot like Parmesan cheese – very flaky. I have heard it also works well in various cookery sauces as well.

Japanese Substitute Miso works well as a healthy alternative cheese product. It is an ingredient that is used to create soup and is usually in paste format. It’s essentially a soy product that tastes very salty – it makes a decent spread and again is handy for cooking sauces.

Cashew or Almond Cheese is a little known product that a lot of people are turning to these days. It is a healthy alternative cheese that can be found in a variety of health stores. If you are worried about missing out on the good stuff you will pleased to know this cheese type melts really well on toast or pasta – just like the real thing!

Olive Oil With Herbs is a bit of a wildcard but I thought I’d throw it in there anyway. I know it doesn’t have many similarities with cheese but it does work well on similar foods. You can use it on toast, instead of cheese on a pizza base or simply dip crackers into it – it’s very versatile and very good for you!

These are our five choices for a healthy alternative cheese. There are a few commercial choices on the market but they did not seem ‘natural’ for us to include here. To be honest I haven’t tried them myself either and I doubt I will be anytime soon! Thanks for stopping by today and if you have anything to add to this subject please feel free to use the comment section below :)

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