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Healthiest Way to Drink Alcohol

Today we will be looking at the healthiest way to drink alcohol without suffering from the long term effects on the body. There’s no getting away from it – when the weekend comes we all like to kick back and chill a little. For most people this is alright – a normal weekly occurrence!

But what about those of us that are, a little, on the…..heavy side shall we say? The weekend is not that much fun for this lot, believe me! It’s hard to stick to a successful diet when you are jumping into a few glasses of Carlsberg every weekend – it just ain’t gonna work!

Beer and larger are packed rigid with sugar and calories, mixed drinks and breezers are again loaded with sugar – there’s not much room for fun time here!

So lets take a look at the healthiest way to drink alcohol but remember:

Alcohol can never really be considered healthy and can lead to addiction, dependence and serious illness!

Shaken Not Stirred…….

If you are a liquor drinker then you are a lot less likely to put on weight – as long as you don’t include a sugary mixer. I know this sounds a little ‘rough and ready’ but thereWhiskey is the healthiest way to drink alcohol is a lot to say about the cowboy way of drinking.

If you can drink liquor with just ice then you will be putting less rubbish into your system. This goes for whiskey, vodka, gin and bourbon. If you go a step further then it’s the clearer two of these that are less taxing on your body – gin and vodka!

Now drinking gin and vodka is one of the healthiest way to drink alcohol but please don’t take this as an excuse! ANY liquor is heavy, heavy duty stuff – you’ll be rolling around in the dirt in no time at all. I guess what I’m trying to say here is drink to enjoy but don’t go to far – liquor can catch you out ( believe me! ).

Let’s Get a Little Classy Here – Wine!

I know that not everyone will take to drinking hard liquor – even if it is one of the healthiest way to drink alcohol! It’s a hardened drinker’s taste that is developed over Wine for healthy drinkingyears and most people will stay away from it.

If this is the case why don’t you simply try a bottle or two of wine. If your not used to it start off with a decent bottle of white and see where you go from there!

Red wine is the healthiest way to drink alcohol in this category and it is my personal weapon of choice. It has a lot less calories than beer or lager and it is slightly less fattening than it’s white counterpart.

Red wine has a handful of proven health benefits which are believed to come from large concentrations of the antioxidant Resveratrol. Resveratrol is known to lower the cholesterol levels and lessen the overall risk of diabetes.

Why You Should Stay Away From Beer

There’s no getting away from it I’m afraid – the healthiest way to drink alcohol is to stay away from beer. I can almost hear a million men out there groan at once! I know, I know – I love the stuff to but there’s no get away from the fact – it creates fatties!

That sounds harsh I know but this stuff is not at all good for your body or your overall health. There are Light Beers now available which originate from the US – a feeble attempt to curb a country’s obesity problem one thinks! Whilst these are the healthiest way to drink alcohol in beer format they are still at about 100 calories per bottle!

When was the last time you went out with the boys/girls and drunk no more than four bottles of beer? Can’t remember? No I can’t either! This kinda thing just don’t happen in my part of the world.

It’s a fact then – the healthiest way to drink alcohol is to stay away from the beer! If there is a little Irish in you why don’t you try out a classic stout type beer like Guinness? It’s very nutritious and has nowhere near the calorie content of regular bottled beer!

Play it Safe And Enjoy

As you can see, the healthiest way to drink alcohol is to not drink alcohol at all! But not one of us was born an angel so that’s never going to happen really is it? Drink to enjoy and regulate it within your lifestyle – drinking to excess is never a good thing!

Be responsible :)

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