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Healthiest Chinese Food Order

I love Chinese take away and I have done so for many years now! The problem is that these days I’m approaching 40 and weight seems to find a comfortable and easy home on my body frame. So I’ve been looking into the options for the healthiest Chinese food order possible – I still love the food but I love my figure more!

A Common Mistake

For some reason the majority of us don’t see the problem with Chinese food due to complete misinformation. Chinese food is not a healthy option – no matter what your exhealthiest Chinese food order girlfriend, the local barmaid or your sister says!

Chinese food is NOT a healthy option of fast food! Think about it – would I be here banging on about the healthiest Chinese food order available if the food was a ‘safe zone’?

If we were eating authentic Asian food as our take away we would be eating healthy food. The version of Chinese food the western world eats is a far cry from more traditional Asian efforts ( believe me! ).

The Healthiest Chinese Food Order

So let’s create our own little fortune cookie and plan out the healthiest Chinese food order possible:

The Starter – If you go for a starter make sure you stay well away from the Egg Roll offerings ( if you want to stay friends with your heart and your belly! ). They are nasty, nasty obesity weapons that will cut straight through your heart! There is approximately 30g of fat in a single Egg Roll ( seriously! ).

If you are partial to an Egg Roll or two for starters then don’t fret – our healthiest Chinese food order has an alternative! Have you ever tried spring rolls? Much less of a calorie and fat count and made using some interesting vegetables. They are still usually fried but nowhere near as unhealthy as the Egg versions.

The Soups – Now a lot of these soups claim to low in calories and many of them are…..there is one catch though. Being low in calories is fine but not when you make it up with the sodium levels.

Egg Drop Soup is a great example of this – super low in calories but really high in sodium! Do yourself a favor and order a small portion like half a cup.

The Chicken Choice – Our healthiest Chinese food order is going to need to contain some chicken somewhere along the line ( for selfish reasons as I like chicken! ). Kung Pao Chicken is going to be our chicken choice as the meat is never fried and the peanuts and chilies all add to the healthy side of things – lovely!

What About Chow Mein – No no no! Please stay away from Chow Mein. It’s one of those ‘silent but deadly’ meals that catches you out and pours truck loads of calories into your meal.

The noodle dishes are usually cooked altogether in a wok but the ingredients constantly stick. To get over this the chef must add a load more sauce and oil to cook them correctly. I read one report that claimed a full portion of Chow Mein could hit up over 1000 calories due to the added fat and sugars!!!!

Peking Duck – This happens to be a good addition to the healthiest Chinese food order we are creating. It’s a shame really as I can never quite bring myself to eat duck – they are far to cute ( I have the same problem with rabbit! ).

A lot of work goes into a Peing Duck dish and the majority of fat is completely removed from the meat before it enters the dish. The fatty and sugary sauces are also avoided in this dish making it one of the more healthier options.

So this is our version of the healthiest Chinese food order available. If you decide to create your own be very careful of what you include on it – a lot of vegetable dishes are not what they seem. Noodles seem to be a danger area to so use your head and research the options first!

If you have your own opinions on creating the healthiest Chinese food order possible please let us know about them in the comment section below this post. We enjoy the interaction and the new ideas coming through!

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