Control Hunger While Dieting

If you are able to control hunger while dieting you will give yourself a much better chance of successful results. By simply having the correct mindset and using the following tips you can lose weight with the minimum of fuss…

Bulk up With Fiber

If you want to bulk up your food a little then look for some hunger reducing fiber use fiber to control hunger while dietingoptions. Using fiber foods like fruit, veggies, whole grains and beans can really change the effectiveness of each meal and help control hunger while dieting.

These fiber rich foods are also made up of a lot of water which in turn makes you feel even fuller.

That First Course…..

Sometimes including a first course with a meal can really put your calorie count out of whack! If you enjoy two courses at dinner time then try out some simple soup – it’s already a favorite starter in most countries!

Always try to pick the vegetable based soups or broth and stay well away from the creamy higher fat offerings. My favorite is minestrone – light with a good selection of vegetables. A bowl of soup before your meal will reduce the amount of calories you want to consume off your main plate.

Salad Bowls

My partner is Eastern European and in that area of the world they are crazy about their salad bowls. I had never seen anything like it before – large, individual, goldfish-sized bowls of salad next to every plate on the table!

control hunger while dieting by eating saladUsing salad is a great way to control hunger while dieting – don’t let the bland taste put you off! I was not a big fan of salad until I was introduced to simple yet tasty dressings. By simply mixing balsamic vinegar with a little salt and olive oil you get the perfect healthy salad dressing option!

When building up your salad bowl try and go for the greener lettuce options as they have a lot more antioxidants within their leaves. Iceberg lettuce is fine but it is made up of mainly water – there are little to no antioxidants contained within their leaves.

One Course to Many…

When trying to control hunger while dieting it’s easy to get carried away with the amount of courses you have with your meal. I have witnessed many people do a really good job throughout the day only to let it all out at dinner time. It’s as if they are desperate to make up for the lack of food they have had throughout the day.

Try your best not to add any extra courses to your meal. Remember that your stomach is actually full about ten minutes before your brain registers this. Skip that idea of an extra course and wait for several minutes – see what your stomach is telling you then!

A Bowl of OrangesOranges help with hunger

You would be surprised at how effective oranges are if you are looking to control hunger while dieting. Low calorie plant foods that are rich in soluble fiber ( oranges ) fill us up and help level out our blood sugar.

You want to be using high fiber fruit to control hunger while dieting – oranges or alternatively grapefruit are perfect for this!

Drink Milk And Eat Low Fat Dairy

By including low fat dairy in your meal plan you are adding two valuable proteins to your diet. Whey and Casein are known hunger suppressors which are found in low fat dairy options.

Fat Within Your Meal

One way to control hunger while dieting is to not starve yourself of the ‘nicer’ food elements. I’m not talking about having a full fry up here – I’m suggesting including a little fat within your meals.

By doing this you can keep your meals at a healthy level and still receive the ‘full boost’ given to you by the fat content of foods.


Nuts stop hunger pangsThis is my favorite way to control hunger while dieting due to the lack of preparation and great taste. By simply grabbing a handful of nuts when you are hungry you are filling yourself up with decent amounts of protein and fiber.

Nuts are naturally high in fat but don’t let that put you off to much – the fat is considered ‘good fat’ and is part of the monounsaturated family!

It’s Not a Race!

As I mentioned earlier in the article – it takes time for your brain to register that it is indeed full. Try eating at a slower pace and give your brain the chance to catch up with your stomach and alert it to being full.

Always Eat Breakfast

There is no point trying to control hunger while dieting if you decide to skip breakfast – the whole process becomes an uphill struggle! Breakfast really is ‘the most important meal of the day’ especially when it comes to weight loss.

By neglecting breakfast you are setting yourself up for hunger pangs and you will be more likely to hit the dreaded snack bar throughout the day!

If you have any tips or ideas on how to control hunger while dieting we would love to hear from you. Interaction is key to this site’s evolution and we always welcome it. Please don’t spam – we will recognize it and we will remove it!

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