Eating Healthy Documentary – Your Choice!

We’ve had many different requests for our recommendation on a decent eating healthy documentary. The truth of the matter is that there are thousands of them floating about out there – a simple YouTube search bar should suffice.

Eating Healthy DocumentaryThe problem is that this YouTube search bar is much like any other search bar – it cannot really separate the misinformation from the ‘good stuff’. We have put this off for long enough so today we will introduce you to a few documentaries that are worth your time… Continue reading

Save Money Food Shopping

There is so much variety on our grocery store shelves these days it’s easy to get carried away. With many chains offering their own ‘finest’ ranges it’s no wonder we get tempted and end up spending more than we envisaged. Continue reading

Healthy Alternatives to Candy at Halloween

We have had quite a few requests for information on healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween. It’s not exactly ‘that time of year’ at the moment but we thought we’d cover ithealthy alternatives to candy at halloween all the same! children love candy – no matter what we do we will not change that! Unfortunately Halloween gives them the chance to hook up as much of this candy as possible.

Aside from the obvious obesity problems candy can also bring on a lot of dental problems! So let’s take a look at some healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween and see if we can make the night a whole lot healthier!!! Continue reading

Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar – Six Simple Options

People look for healthy alternatives to white sugar because this sweet substance has somehow become a companion in most of our lives. Processed foods, nasty little soda healthy alternatives to white sugardrinks and even our faithful cup of tea or coffee have all been conquered by sugar. Continue reading

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Hello again! In this article we will be looking at the available and healthy coffee creamer alternatives. If you looked deeper into the ingredients of most coffee creamers you would be surprised at the rubbish that is sometimes included in them. They are often packed rigid with hydrogenated oils and those nasty trans fats – neither of which are that comforting for your waistline. So let’s take a look at a few healthy coffee creamer alternatives and avoid the extra ‘bad ingredients’ in our diet. Continue reading

Healthiest Way to Drink Alcohol

Today we will be looking at the healthiest way to drink alcohol without suffering from the long term effects on the body. There’s no getting away from it – when the weekend comes we all like to kick back and chill a little. For most people this is alright – a normal weekly occurrence! Continue reading