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Alternative Wheat Bread – Healthier Options

These days there are more and more alternative wheat bread options coming onto the market. By simply walking through a busy town you will see many eating Alternative Wheat Breadestablishments offering ‘wheat free’ options. Breads that are not constructed with wheat tend to have a much different taste and even texture. Don’t let this put you off though – they often offer a unique and tasty option.

The Alternative Wheat Bread Options

The following are the most popular options for alternative wheat bread. Have a look through them with an open mind as they offer original tastes and fit in with a lot of common foods.

1. Rice Bread

You will not find many allergies within rice so it’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to making bread. Rice flour creates a dense, heavy bread that does not rise as high as wheat breads. If you have difficulty locating rice flour in your local grocery store try looking in the frozen section. I was often caught out by this when I was first introduced to rice flour – most commercial joints supply it!

2. Teff Bread

Until recently I was completely unaware of this as an alternative wheat bread. A relative had severe problems with certain digestions and she was directed towards Teff bread as an alternative to wheat. The Teff seed originates from Ethiopia and it’s history stretches back many centuries. They tend to mix the Teff seed with other flours to get rid of the gritty taste it has by itself. A lot of bakeries offer gluten-free breads now so I suggest popping by and seeing if they cover Teff bread – it is an interesting and tasty alternative wheat bread.

3. Corn Bread

Corn bread is the top commercial choice for replacing wheat bread but you should be very careful when purchasing it. What a lot of these ‘bigger branded’ corn bread products do not highlight is the fact they use a little wheat flour in their make up. You must be very shrewd and check the labels very carefully before purchasing!

4. Millet Bread

Millet grass can be used instead of flour when you are baking up some bread. It has a very high content of protein so it is very close to the nutrition wheat bread gives you. The Millet bread I have come across often has a sickly yellowish color to it so it’s easy to spot. For those of you that have problems digesting wheat I would always recommend this type of bread. It is relatively cheap and very easily digested.

5. Spelt

Now Spelt bread is not recommended for people who are looking to embark on a gluten free diet. It is however a great choice for people who find themselves suffering from wheat allergies. It’s makes a pretty cool alternative wheat bread and tastes much like traditional breads. You can find it in most supermarkets or grocery stores these days and the price is not to high. It is known for being very easy to digest due to the high levels of protein it contains.

6. Quinoa

Yes, we are back to good old Quinoa again on this site! How many times have we covered this wonder health product now? It makes great sandwich bread and also bread used to toast – it is a great protein ingredient! Quinoa flour can also be mixed with brown rice or sorghum for baking bread.

7. Sorghum

I have often come across the idea of Sorghum bread but I am yet to try any myself yet ( which is why we included it last in the list! ). Sorghum is an alternative wheat bread that apparently tastes a lot like wheat! A friend of mine swears by this stuff and also pointed out that it us usually a lot cheaper than wheat flour. She makes simple and easy bread rolls out of Sorghum and claims she cannot tell the difference between them and fresh wheat rolls!

Wheat Free Bread Alternatives

If you are not into the idea of making alternative wheat bread out of the options above you can purchase wheat free bread instead. This is always a little more of an expensive avenue but it is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle.

Keep an eye out for UDI products and local bakeries in your area – they supply a great range of alternative wheat bread choices at a reasonable price. There are also a handful of restaurants that offer this type of bread as an alternative.

Another popular choice for alternative wheat bread is to use the Grainless Baker brand online. It’s choices are made from rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca and potato. It has different products including; cinnamon raisin bread, bread crumbs, rye bread, baguettes, and sandwich bread. It is a very popular and well known place to find new and interesting wheat free products/ideas.

If you have any new ideas on alternative wheat bread that we have not covered here today please leave them in the comment section below. The more choices this article offers the more helpful it will become :)

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