Hi, my name is Chris John and I am the administration here at Grocery List For Healthy Eating ( I keep the lights running and the cogs turning! ). I care deeply about my health and my fitness which led me to create this site in the first place. I am an experienced long distance runner who loves exercise and the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

I am qualified in Physical Education and Close Protection Security – both of which enabled me to gain the fitness and the health levels needed to run a healthy lifestyle website. I am currently employed by several health websites as a contributor and a webmaster – I therefore work online full time. I still find time to get my 6 miles under my belt every morning and raise my two sons.

I know that for many of us the weekly food bill is something to hide under the rug if at all possible. Once you start adding health items to the equation things can really get out of hand. It saddens me that obesity is allowed to run free in our lands because of over priced health food and under priced processed food.

I know what works…..and I know what doesn’t. I know the tricks of the trade and I’m here to share them with you!

You have to be practical with your spending and with your food shopping. The correct foods with the correct amount of exercise will lead to a change in life not just in figure.

So do you think that between the two of us we can hammer out a plan of action to become a little bit healthier? All that is needed is a little dedication and a willingness to change!

I hope you find what you are looking for here…

Stay fit & healthy,


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