Lower Cholesterol With Food – Not Drugs!

​In this article we will be looking at how to lower cholesterol with food instead of using the more traditional method of drugs. Your diet gives you cholesterol – so your diet can take cholesterol away to right? Continue reading

A Healthy Substitute Butter For Toast

I’m pretty surprised we have not yet covered this subject as it is one of the more healthy substitute butter for toastcommon questions we get asked here. Many people are looking into a healthy substitute butter for toast ( or any other food! ) and have drawn a blank after the more commercial and obvious solutions. So let’s take a look at what our research managed to find and see if there is anything that takes your fancy….. Continue reading

Alternative Wheat Bread – Healthier Options

These days there are more and more alternative wheat bread options coming onto the market. By simply walking through a busy town you will see many eating Alternative Wheat Breadestablishments offering ‘wheat free’ options. Breads that are not constructed with wheat tend to have a much different taste and even texture. Don’t let this put you off though – they often offer a unique and tasty option. Continue reading

Healthy Alternatives to Candy at Halloween

We have had quite a few requests for information on healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween. It’s not exactly ‘that time of year’ at the moment but we thought we’d cover ithealthy alternatives to candy at halloween all the same! children love candy – no matter what we do we will not change that! Unfortunately Halloween gives them the chance to hook up as much of this candy as possible.

Aside from the obvious obesity problems candy can also bring on a lot of dental problems! So let’s take a look at some healthy alternatives to candy at Halloween and see if we can make the night a whole lot healthier!!! Continue reading

Healthiest Chinese Food Order

I love Chinese take away and I have done so for many years now! The problem is that these days I’m approaching 40 and weight seems to find a comfortable and easy home on my body frame. So I’ve been looking into the options for the healthiest Chinese food order possible – I still love the food but I love my figure more! Continue reading

Healthiest Sushi Choices – Sensible Options

​Are you a little ‘up in the air’ when it comes to making the correct choice at sushi bars? Do you know what the healthiest sushi choices are? Are you afraid of putting on weight the healthiest sushi choiceswhen consuming unfamiliar sushi products? Continue reading

Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar – Six Simple Options

People look for healthy alternatives to white sugar because this sweet substance has somehow become a companion in most of our lives. Processed foods, nasty little soda healthy alternatives to white sugardrinks and even our faithful cup of tea or coffee have all been conquered by sugar. Continue reading

Healthy Eating Snack Ideas – Avoid The Junk!

Here we have a few healthy eating snack ideas for you to include in your diet plan. Many people seem to fail at weight loss due to their need to snack. It’s all about willpower really and if you haven’t got that – you will need to replace your snacking foods with something a lot healthier! Continue reading

Healthy Flour Alternatives – Make a Better Choice!

Hi there! In this article we will be going over a few healthy flour alternatives to turn your meals into a more nutritious experience! These days there is more than one bag of flourhealthy flour alternatives on the shelves at any given supermarket ( and this ladies and gentlemen – is a good thing! ). The reason more and more people are turning to flour made from soy and special grains – they are looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle!

So lets take a look at the various healthy flour alternatives on offer and see if we can find something that suits your needs! Continue reading