Healthy Food at Taco Bell – Surely Not?

We decided to cover the idea of healthy food at Taco Bell due to the fact we could not find to much decent information on it online. We were asked the question a few weeks back and after a short spell of research we found nothing of real use ( overall ). Sure there was the odd response on forums of ‘the only healthy food at Taco Bell is water!’ and ‘just don’t eat it’ but nothing really concrete ( or mildly serious! ). Continue reading

healthy substitute rice

If you are looking for a healthy substitute rice then this article could be right up your street! Rice is a simple enough food that has a long, long history – It is documented as dating as far back as 2500 B.C. It is now the staple crop of many different cultures spread over the world due to it’s quick preparation and relatively cheap cost. Continue reading

Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Hello again! In this article we will be looking at the available and healthy coffee creamer alternatives. If you looked deeper into the ingredients of most coffee creamers you would be surprised at the rubbish that is sometimes included in them. They are often packed rigid with hydrogenated oils and those nasty trans fats – neither of which are that comforting for your waistline. So let’s take a look at a few healthy coffee creamer alternatives and avoid the extra ‘bad ingredients’ in our diet. Continue reading

Healthy Alternative Cheese

If you are not much of a dairy fan you’ll be pleased to know there are some healthy alternative cheese options that you may be interested in. A relative of mine had problems when it came to digesting certain dairy products so she leaned on me for a little advice on the subject. Cheese seemed to cause her the most trouble but at the same time she was pretty keen on it. I started to research into a healthy alternative cheese for her and I thought I’d share my findings within this article. Continue reading

Healthy Peanut Butter Alternatives

Hello again! Today we will be covering the healthy peanut butter alternatives available and looking at what makes them so nutritious. I have my eight year old son to thank for this post as it was his query that led me to this research. His ‘need to know’ approach to everything I mention ‘that is good for you’ struck a chord and I decided to write this article with my findings…. Continue reading

Healthy Eating Plans For Teenagers

By introducing the internet to a handful of healthy eating plans for teenagers we are hoping to change the outlook certain youngsters have on their food. Recent reports claimed that the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had actually won in his fight against McDonald’s. This meant that old Ronald McDonald had to come down off his tall throne and actually admit his food was not fit for human consumption! Continue reading

Healthiest Way to Drink Alcohol

Today we will be looking at the healthiest way to drink alcohol without suffering from the long term effects on the body. There’s no getting away from it – when the weekend comes we all like to kick back and chill a little. For most people this is alright – a normal weekly occurrence! Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Foods to Eat

I was recently asked a question about what Mediterranean diet foods to eat if you are embarking on a weight loss program. I have to admit at first I was a little stuck with the question so I looked into the subject further. I gathered my research, gave the answer needed and then decided to share the research with you in this post! So without further ado lets look at the best Mediterranean diet foods to eat….. Continue reading

Best Green Leafy Vegetables

Today we will be covering what I deem to be the best green leafy vegetables to include in your diet. Vegetables that have a darker green color to their leaves are a sort of ‘salad superpower’ when it comes to your health. Unfortunately they are often overlooked and avoided especially by youngsters. So let’s dig a little deeper into the best green leafy vegetables and see if we can convince you to make a healthy diet change! Continue reading

Hello World……Shall We Begin?

Well….we’ve all gotta start somewhere so here we are! This is the first of our blog posts and if I’m honest – it’s pretty difficult to know what to say here!

We hope to use this blog as a way to connect with our visitors and converse instead of just throwing information at you all the time – it get’s a little robotic if you know what I mean! So keep an eye out for our posts and keep updated in the site’s progress. We look forward to the journey ahead!