Grocery List For Healthy Eating

Here at Grocery List For Healthy Eating we will attempt to avoid the mass of confusing diet information available and lay out a simple plan for you to follow. A regular Google search will bring up literally millions of results all contradicting one another. Who do you listen to? Which one offers a truly effective diet plan?

Let’s create our own grocery list for healthy eating and change our lifestyle at the same time!

Healthy Eating Does Not Have to be Complicated!

This is the problem most people find when building up a grocery list for healthy eating – information overload leading to loss of confidence. With the correct grocery list for healthy eating you can stave off heart disease, give your immune system a nice boost and appear slim and trim. So without further ado lets get into it…….

Black Beans

Legumes should be at the top of your grocery list for healthy eating as they are very cheap and economical. My girlfreind is from Bulgaria and she makes many different and interesting stews with black beans.

They are very high in protein and fiber so the modern day vegetarians love cooking with them! This protein helps give you a boost in energy and keeps you active throughout the working day. Black beans are also known to contain certain levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are great for keeping the heart healthy. Black beans are high in the powerful phytochemical anthocyanins which work in similar ways to antioxidants.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got your first ingredient to add to your grocery list for healthy eating! Write it down and let’s get onto the next!

An Apple a Day……

I don’t know why this particular food is overlooked so often when it comes to creating aApple For Healthy Eating grocery list for healthy eating. They are cheap, easy to carry around with you and make a great healthy ‘stop gap’ snack between meals!

There is an absolute ton of soluble fiber inside each and every apple. This soluble fiber is a very effective weapon when it comes to tackling blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Vitamin C is always a welcome addition to any grocery list for healthy eating and an apple gives us plenty of this!


These are another option for putting a snack on your grocery list for healthy eating. They are full of various compounds that take on a large scope of chronic diseases. My mother swears by these little beauties as she is a survivor of breast cancer and they came recommended to her. Other diseases they are thought to battle are diabetes and heart disease.

Blueberries contain a very small amount of calories and at the same time provide a decent amount of fiber. This means that they are excellent for filling up on without gaining any weight!

Never Underestimate The Broccoli!!!

Much like an apple, broccoli is a great source of vitamin C and works as a great side to most main dishes. Each floret of broccoli is packed rigid with Phytonutrients and Folate along with traces of vitamin A. If you are not the biggest fan of broccoli try eating it with various sauces within your main meal. I often sprinkle a little mint sauce over the top of my broccoli to give it that extra ‘zing’ and taste!

I Smell Something Fishy……

OK I know fish is not the first choice of food for everyone but if you can manage to stomach it you really should try implementing Fish Should be Included in a Grocery List For Healthy Eatingsalmon into your diet. Salmon can easily fit onto any grocery list for healthy eating and a lot can be done with it.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids — a variety of fat that makes your blood less likely to form clots that could lead to heart problems. It’s a great source of protein that can be used in hundreds of different recipes ( try a simple Google search and see what comes up! ).

Again. this particular food is a great source of protein whilst being really low in saturated fat.

Forget Smoothies – Try Out A Veggie Drink!

Now, I thought I better mention vegetable juice as it is an excellent addition to any grocery list for healthy eating. The problem is…….I can’t stand the stuff! It’s a shame really as veggie juice contains incredibly high amounts of vitamins and minerals – very healthy!

If you don’t like eating boiled vegetables with your meals then veggie drinks are a brilliant alternative. Tomato juice seems to be the most popular choice in veggie drink but again – yuck for me I’m afraid!

There are two types of vegetable juices on the market so make sure you take note of which is which. You are wanting to stay away from the high sodium versions of these drinks.

Garlic – if You Can Handle The Breath Situation

By now you should have built up quite a few ideas on the ingredients you are going to add to your grocery list for healthy eating. Garlic is a Very Healthy Food ChoiceThis last option is always necessary in my opinion to give taste to certain dull but healthy foods.

Garlic is not everyone’s cup of tea due to what it does to your general aroma but it is very healthy! It has wonderful powers for fighting against bacteria in the body and it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

These anti-inflammatory properties come from the Allicin compound found within the garlic. Crushing the garlic up will always release the most Allicin but try not to overcook it – this will only result in the garlic losing really important nutrients.

Your Grocery List For Healthy Eating

So there we have it! Take the options above and build up your grocery list for healthy eating. Remember – a lot of these options are meant for side dishes along with a main plate. Try to mix them up a bit and create your own new and exciting recipes!

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